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Eurolohi was established in Tammelantori already in 1993. The current owner had traveled the seas of Europe and tasted delicious very thinly sliced salmon there. The idea was born: Tampere should have this delicious salmon for everyone to taste! That's how the story of Eurolohi began, and the name also originates from these European seas. From the very beginning, Eurolohi's portions were based on fresh and high-quality ingredients as well as delicious spices and flavors together with this thinly sliced grilled salmon. Tammelantor's Eurolohi quickly became very popular and one of Tampere's most popular summer restaurants!



In 2018, the ownership of Eurolohi was transferred to Tuukka Mäntylä, who himself had been a customer of Eurolohi since its early days. Right from the beginning, the idea was to expand Eurolohi into a year-round restaurant, and this dream was realized in the fall of 2020.  It was a challenging time, because the pandemic had started in the spring, and the first years required a lot of work and time. However, the customers had a good time at Eurolohi, and little by little, larger crowds began to discover Kauppahalli's new restaurant. Now in 2023, Eurolohi at the Tampere Kauppahalli has become a popular lunch spot thanks to the delicious salmon portions and friendly service!

The Kauppahalli's restaurant offers classic dishes familiar from Tammelantori, but we have also brought a new twists to the dishes from other parts of the world. Freshness and high-quality ingredients are still visible in the dishes, but flavors are also combined in a more innovative and experimental way. Kauppahalli's Eurolohi offers a new dish that changes every month, combining our familiar thinly sliced grilled salmon with new and interesting ingredients, preserving freshness and delicious culinary combinations. We also offer a possibility to arrange an atmospheric private events at Kauppahalli Eurolohi, with delicious salmon dishes! 


As all Tampere residents know, the city's population is evenly distributed in the summer between Tampere's two popular markets, Tammelantori and Laukontori. Therefore, we wanted to make Eurolohi available to Laukontori's customers as well! We opened the Eurolohi Food Truck in Laukontori in the summer of 2022. Food Truc's menu covers the most popular Eurolohi dishes, and they are served with small changes compared to the traditional Tammelantori dishes, without forgetting our most important values, fresh ingredients and friendly service!

You can also order Food Trucking on site for your own parties or private events!

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